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Name:Light Yagami
Birthdate:Feb 28, 1986

after * humans * die * their * destination * is * nothingness
... yeah, that was a lie.

The mind cannot support moral chaos for long.
Men are under as strong a compulsion to invent an ethical setting for their behavior
as spiders are to weave themselves webs.
(john dos passos)

This Light died at the end of the story and found himself resurrected in the mansion, which he originally thought was hell. He's quickly found that it's not a traditional hell: it's worse. Everyone in the place knows he's Kira, plenty of them want to kill (or at least disembody) him for one reason or another, the place is designed to torment him for the amusement of a higher power, people are hiding his food, he can't sleep, he can't keep his secrets, and that's before you start to get into the issues he has around being dead and defeated.

The net effect I've aimed for has been to have him initially be as canon as possible - but to let him deteriorate as you might expect after what happens to him in the warehouse. At the time of writing he's had a year of development - don't expect him to be bang-on IC for canon all the time. :-)

Summary: Standoffish-to-friendly neighbourhood sociopath. Mostly harmless, unless you cross him, and you'll have to try pretty hard (or be a canonmate).

Age:2324 25. But he died one month to the day from his twenty-fourth birthday, and that's how he'll stay - as long as he remains in the mansion. He's flesh and blood, though, with all that that implies. Yes, these two things are hard to reconcile: it annoys the hell out of Light too. Yes, if you ask, he'll tell you he's twenty-five. If you catch him in a rare good mood. Maybe.

Height: 5' 10"/179cm, weight: 119lb; he's back to his normal weight.

Alignment: Neutral evil, with occasional hints across into chaotic evil. (he haz a trauma, and he's bored senseless)

Kira status: That would be a yes. You thought being dead, having no notebook and being even more batshit would stop him? Guess again.

Because he's technically dead, if you have shinigami eyes, you'll see that he has no life span or name above his head.

While he started off dressed in the clothes he died in - which the mansion was cleaning and repairing for him - he's got it to give way and give him some slightly more casual clothes. So no tie, open collar, but still extremely neat and well dressed. He's wearing understated black running shoes, which let him move around more quietly than ordinary shoes might.

He always carries a sketchbook, which (because I the mansion hates him) looks exactly like a death note. Yes, he's tried to wheedle something less incriminating-looking out of his wardrobe: it's not having it. If I forget to mention that he has it, you can assume he does: I'll be sure to be explicit if he doesn't.

His eyes never glow red, ever, unless perhaps some weird room makes them do it.

While your character might not be able to tell, you can safely assume that every word out of his mouth is a lie, or meaningless, or refracted through some delusion of his own - he lies to himself too.

Languages: Japanese, English (virtually perfect and unaccented - slipups tend to be proper names, and it's often deliberate - names have power, after all), Mandarin. Some Korean. Reads some Russian, Spanish and a bit of Arabic. Also knows Japanese Sign Language. Can at least fake most writing systems.

Left front trouser pocket: a white silk handkerchief.
Right front trouser pocket: a small folding knife.
Back right pocket: his door key.
Left hand (usually): a sketchbook. Looks like a death note with a blank cover. Observant and seen a death note before? You might notice there are no lines along the edges of the pages, or that the spine is more looped than you'd expect.
Left wrist: his watch - or at least, the "copy" from the Lost Things room. Yes, it's empty. No, it doesn't keep good time although Light hasn't quite figured it out yet. He doesn't trust it, though.

what's he like?
He's evil, calculating and obsessive. He's outwardly cold, but inwardly deals with crazily intense emotions - picture him as a river of poison under ice. Without the distraction of his work, he relates to most others only inasmuch as they can provide him with something. Usually, it's amusement: he toys with people, plays games with them just to stave off his own boredom. For the same reason, three years dead he's become rather more contemplative than he is in most of canon; there's a mad, twisted streak of the boy we first meet, who distracts himself from his humdrum existence with dreams and theories.

He's not a pathological liar, he doesn't have to lie - often the optimal response is the truth. But you can't ever trust him. He likes to keep out of the way, to listen and watch without being seen, to protect and gratify himself at the expense of others. He often carries himself as if he has a secret, as if he knows something you don't - still and quiet, self-satisfied and subtly mocking, as if something about you is endlessly, ridiculously fascinating. He's one of those people you feel are laughing at you, but you could never prove it. He can be like a poised snake - creepy, dangerous, hypnotic and frightening. Yet face a snake with a mongoose, or a shotgun, and you'll see how pathetic it really is.

In life, Light was addicted to power - the world he lived in worshipped him by proxy, and as L he was in control of a lot - and this hasn't changed after his death. Unfortunately for him, he can't have any. Nobody in the mansion trusts him any further than they can comfortably spit out a rat, so his usual bag of tricks doesn't work: in fact, it's counterproductive. On top of that, he has absolutely nothing to do.

While he made as good an effort to defend his secrets as any other Kira would, the place innocent mun-face beat it out of him in relatively short order, through one magical effect after another. So he's the only "out" Kira you're likely to find: especially since he murdered [info]reprism in a science experiment, the rest of the mansion's inhabitants have pretty much ostracised him.

It's important to realise that he's twisted, not irrational: his view of the world is the only one that counts, the only one worth paying attention to. The things he thinks and says follow logical rules. It just happens to be his own logic. He does have a sense of personal honour, and sometimes he'll do something outwardly observable as the right thing - because internally, everything he does is the right thing. But you can't ever rely on that, or on him. Having said all of that, if he wants to do something badly enough, you can bet some kind of rationalisation will follow to back it up.

"he's the Kira laugh that starts in the warehouse and just goes on forever." - [info]eru_dition

The respect he is quite insane in is that he refuses to admit or acknowledge defeat - in fact, he can't acknowledge it, not without everything he's done catching up with him. He's convinced that, given enough time and the right opportunity, he can get home and reestablish himself as Kira. There are, possibly, a few things he'll find he's not prepared to do in order to achieve this - but don't count on it. He's convinced there's nothing he won't do, to be himself again, to be doing what he should: faced with something he genuinely won't or can't do, he'll rationalise his way out of it. He'll describe it all as "saving the world" - but honestly, it's about getting his own power back. The idea that he's selfless and self-sacrificing is one of his delusions. And deep down, he wants to make it so that he never died at all: he's more than a little PTSD about that.

All of this combines to make him do, on rare occasion, odd things. When he does, they're likely to be epically odd, at a minimum, or very, very evil. Or both.

While he's effectively alive and immortal in the mansion - or similar environments - as soon as he returns to the real world, he assumes a ghost form. Through being resurrected at the moment of his death, he's missed out on Mu: he can't go to the oblivion everyone else in his world gets. He's destined to spend eternity surrounded by all the same people he hates, trapped in an environment that childishly manipulates his mind and body for its amusement. Forever.

That's justice for you.

Mun is UK-based, posting overnight. Professional keeper of teal deer: tags tend to run to a great deal of internal monologue and description. Sorry about that.

The mun believes firmly in the ICA == ICC and IC != OOC rules.

Light's frequently unpleasant opinions are not shared by the mun - if I have something to ask or tell you, I'll message you rather than trying to encode it in a tag. This doesn't mean I won't give him a chance to solve his own IC problems, obviously, though I tend towards asking before trying to muddle through.

As far as munning goes - yes, I'm pretty flaky, I drop threads and often take a while to tag back. Sorry. I'm doing my best, and it isn't you. :-)

Please note my permissions link below, as it's a bit stricter than most.

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